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    Our university provides students who have good conduct and promising ambitions with scholarships in order to make them devote themselves to their studies. By receiving a scholarship, it is hoped that the recipient will strive to make a significant contribution to the national development of Korea.

    There are several kinds of scholarships, such as ones based on academic performance and financial need. These scholarships are offered to give students financial aid in this period of economic crisis. Anyone who meets the university's academic requirements is eligible for these scholarships.
    By supporting students from lower-income backgrounds, we help them reach the maximum level of financial aid and enjoy better academic conditions. Furthermore, we hope that students can reap the benefits of taking part in volunteer work and by joining campus organizations, as we see social involvement as one of the main characteristics of 21st century leadership.

    Pukyoung National University is trying to give students the greatest opportunity to earn scholarships, and we hope that this system can be of great assistance to you.

    Budget Allocation

     (Per semester)
    Scholarship for strong academic performance 1,398,500/699,250/396,000
    International exchange students 396,000
    Recommended students with double degrees from foreign universities 396,000
    Students with 2 or more siblings enrolled in PKNU 396,000
    Students with financial needs 396,000
    Students with regional priorities 396,000
    Students whose families are on federal welfare 396,000
    Dependents of veterans 1,794,500
    For further information, refer to (http://www.pknu.ac.kr/upload/xml/PKNU_Notice.xml)