Admission information (New/Transfer)
Entenrance Year 96 97 98 99 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 -2007 2008
General courses Minimum credits of general course 40 Credits
(former engineering students are 34 credits)
40 credits 35 credits 40 credits 35 credits 34 credits 30 credits
Maximum credits of general course N/A 70 credits 60 credits none none
Mandatory subjects N/A writing,
Practical English Conversation Ⅰ & Ⅱ,
Computer in Practice(1) & Computer in Practice (2)-Excel
Common cultural subjects Practical English ConversationⅠ& Ⅱ, writing, community service
minimum required credits and designated subjects per every cultural subject currirulum Humane studies N/A 3 credits Core cultural subjects 1 Human studies least 8 credits among mandatory cultural subjects
Social science 3 credits 2 Human studies
Basic science 3 credits (Basic Sciece,
or Natural Science)
  3 Foreign language
Natural science 3 credits   * Practical English Writing : basic learning subject - mandatory
English 2 credits 2credits (Subject :Practical writing) 4 Basic Science complete more than one subject every 4 domains among 5 domains
second foreign language 2 credits   5 omestic Science
cuture and arts and physical education   1 credit   Those designated as basic learning subjects are admitted basic learning subjects
MAJOR minimum required major subjects
(35 credits for dual major)
55 credits 60 credits 70 credits 76 학점(70+OCU, Other major 6) 70 credits 75 credits
Refer to curriculum In Spring semester - Introduction to English Literature, High Intermediate English Conversation,
In Fall semester - Introduction to English Linguistics, High Intermediate English Composition
MINOR complete minimum major credits including major mandatory subjects
complete minimum minor 21 credits (regardless of common major or compulsory or selection)
SECOND MAJOR complete minimum 35 credits including major mandatory subjects ,
complete minimum major 35 credits including common major/mandatory subject of double major(exceptionally students of businekss administration should complete 45 credits.)
Including major mandatory subjects - minimum major subjects 45 credits , Including common major and compulsory subjects of double major -45 credits
[Total credits for graduation and entire grades GPA] 140 Credits over average 2.00 points  
[graduation qualification system] effective after the class of 2005 비고
evaluation area (select one) major complete more than 6 subjects among pre-intermediate English Conversation, Low intermediate English Conversation, high intermediate English Conversation, Advanced English Conversation, Pre-Intermediate English Composition, Low Intermediate English Comporition, High Intermediate English Composition, Advanced English Composition  
foreign language satisfied one requirement among TOEIC 760 scores, TOEFL(cbt) 213 scores ,(pbt) 550 scores, (ibt)79-80 scores
IELTS 6.0 scores , TEPS 667 scores
the scores obtained during bachelor's degree is only valid